Holiday, Wedding & Special Occasion Video Editing Service

We offer a quick and easy video editing service that is perfect for holiday, wedding and special occasion videos. If you’ve got videos and photos that you’ve never got round to editing or don’t know how to edit, we can help to transform them into a professional looking video edit with music and titles as required. Our video editing service turns your videos and photos in to a truly special souvenir that you will want to watch over and over again for years to come. We offer a very cost effective service and a quick turn around time, so if you’d like a quote for your video edit please get in touch using the button below.



video editing service

How our video editing service works

We use your own footage that you have shot on your phone, camera, go pro or any other device to produce a professional video. We can also work with your photos or a mixture of photos and videos. Your footage doesn’t need to be professional, we will work with whatever you can provide and we will cut and edit it into a slick movie for you to enjoy with your friends and family. The higher quality footage you can provide the better the film will be though.

If you have holiday, wedding or special occasion videos and photos that you would like edited together to create some thing special, then we will work with you to create something truly exciting. We will ask you to send us all of your files and tell us your ideas and aspirations for the video edit (if you have some). You can also give us some ideas for a soundtrack and any text overlays if you would like them.

Personally we think a video memory of a special event can be even better than photos and is the perfect way to remember something really special such as a holiday, wedding, honeymoon, christening, birthday, anniversary, proposal, traveling, snowboarding, skiing, trackdays, family outing or any other event that is special to you.

Examples of our video editing service

Below are a few short examples of our video editing service for weddings, holidays and more. You can view all of our filming and editing work on our YouTube channel. The below videos were also filmed by us, but we will work with whatever footage you have available. We offer a professional editing service and can colour grade the video footage, clean up the audio and add a soundtrack of your choice.

Safari holiday video edit example

Wedding video edit example

Snowboard or ski holiday video edit example

Our top 5 tips for getting the best video footage

If you are thinking about using our editing service in the future then you might find the below tips handy to ensure you get the best possible footage:

  1. Shoot in the highest available quality – check your phone or camera settings and shoot in the highest quality available e.g. 4K over 1080p.
  2. Clean your camera lens – make sure you have a suitable cloth to clean the lens on your phone or camera, smudged lenses can ruin a good video.
  3. Keep your phone or camera steady – shaky video is hard to edit, try to keep your phone or camera as stable as possible when filming.
  4. Shoot in landscape mode – make sure you are shooting in landscape (not portrait) mode – turn your phone on its side if necessary. This means your video edit can be watched nicely on a big TV screen.
  5. Take spare memory cards – if your phone or camera takes memory cards make sure you have plenty of space and take spare memory cards.

Book our video editing service today

If you like what you see and would like us to quote for putting together a video edit for you, then please get in touch using the contact us button below. Our video editing service is affordable and you will cherish the video edit for years to come. We are based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex but we can work remotely with clients anywhere in the UK or even world wide.