The benefits of social media management

In a world where the majority of the population spend a minimum of eight hours per day using electronic devices including computers, tablets and smart phones, social media management provides an incredibly powerful tool to reach your target demographic, no matter who they are. Despite the stereotypes, social media is not just for the younger generation, many older uses spend just as much time, often hours per day, perusing the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pintrest, LinkedIn, and many other channels, in search for news, entertainment, inspiration, friends, shopping and lots more. If your business is not already on social media or your not using these channels to their full potential, then you are definitely missing out on a highly cost effective communication channel to build brand affinity and even sell you products or services to potential customers.

social media management

Our top 5 uses for social media

  1. Market research – even if you’re not actively promoting your business on social media, you should always have accounts set up so you can monitor your customers and competitors activities and trends and use it as a source of information in your marketing planning.
  2. Promoting your business – tell people about your business and what’s going on in your world, particularly something your target market might find interesting, such as a behind the scenes exclusive insight to your world.
  3. Interacting with customers – As well as reaching out to prospective new customers, social media can play a critical role in customer retention by keeping your loyal customer base up to date with your latest offers and services as well as some incentives to keep in touch with your business.
  4. Advertising – most social media platforms offer their own advertising formats which can be a really cheap way to advertise or promote your social media content to a tightly defined or mass audience, depending on your objectives.
  5. Go viral – this is the holy grail that is craved by many brands, but even some of the biggest in the world fail to grasp what consumers really want to see, like and share on social media, but if you can get this right, this can propel your business in to stardom!

Use us for your Social Media Management

If you’re interested in raising the profile of your business on social networks, building brand affinity through regular engagement with the online community or even advertising and selling online, we offer a wide range of solutions to help with social media management, enabling you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business. At Trend Marketing, we can help to research the potential benefits social media can capture for you and with careful consideration select the appropriate channels that are aligned with our goals. We can also set-up your channels for you, working with pre-existing content or we can create a set of assets to get you going. We have a variety of different social media management options from automated posts that can be scheduled at a frequency to suit you, or a more hands on approach to actively communicate outwards and channel enquiries on your behalf providing appropriate responses where required. We will also provide monthly reports on your reach and engagement and can help to set-up goals within your e-commerce if appropriate, this really provides a tangible return on investment for you and your stakeholders. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help to improve your social media, or get started for the first time then please Contact Us here.

Social Media content creation

As well as setting up your social media and posting your pre-approved content on your behalf, we can also help with burden of continuously creating fresh content for your audience to digest. Brands that really make social media work well always invest in engaging, entertaining and insightful content to grab the attention of new followers and keep the regulars coming back for more. We can work with you to set some social media objectives and create a tactical plan for capturing new assests such as photos, videos, podcasts, interviews and much more, to ensure your channels really stand out and grow organically at the best possible rate. Content creation and social media management doesn’t need to be expensive, some of the best videos that have gone viral recently have been shot and edited on a smart phone, as long as the content is good and the production values are aligned to your brand, this can be done on a budget if desired, of course we also offer more cinematic productions if that fits with your objectives and budget.

Here’s the official definition of social media on Wikipedia.