The value of Press and Public Relations (PR)

If you’ve never proactively thought about using press and public relations (PR) to help raise awareness and improve perceptions for your business, then you could be missing out on a low cost and low maintenance communication channel to expose your brand to a mass audience. Working with your industry and local press (and national press for larger companies) is key to getting your business and the products and services you offer in the limelights, whether that’s printed press such as newspapers and magazines or digital channels such as news sites and blogs. At Trend Marketing we are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes to realise the value of a planned press and public relations programme, we can help you to research and build media lists, identify and forge relationships with core press and even write and distribute your press releases for you. We’ll also be happy to provide a press cuttings service so that you receive copies of all the coverage we generate for you and a report on the value of the coverage to allow you to monitor the fantastic return on investment PR can deliver.


press and public relations

Using press and public relations (PR) as a crisis management tool

It’s a subject that nobody likes to think about or discuss, but having a crisis management contingency plan in place can really give you peace of mind and help you get out of a tricky situation should one arrive. Of course there is only a certain amount that you can plan in advance due to the nature of crisis management, however knowing that there’s a process in place and someone at the other end of the phone will be really reassuring for you and your stakeholders. If you do need to put out a difficult message for any reason, then having a plan in place to communicate to the press or another audience is one less thing to worry about, and having relationships in place with the key media¬†will undoubtedly help them to take a more balanced view of the situation. If you need any support with crisis management PR services then please get in touch with us.

One-off or regular PR and press services

Trend Marketing are able to support you with your press and PR needs, whether it’s a one-off press release or an ongoing support service, we can look at your needs and work out a support package to suit your budget. We offer copywriting and distribution services which we’re certain will make your working day a lot more straightforward and as an independent marketing consultant we can also guarantee a fast turn-around time, so if you need a release written professionally and quickly, we can help you out simply visit the contact us page and complete the form.

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