What is Marketing Consultancy?

Marketing consultancy is like any other consultancy, offering expert advice to you and your business, but with a specific focus on marketing, in other words, promoting your business to your customers. Consultants in the marketing industry are used by businesses of all sizes, even large ones with an internal marketing team need to seek expert advice on certain topics from time to time. A marketing consultant can be particularly helpful for a small business or new start-up looking for some short or long term advice and support to increase their business, the main benefits being that they are not an additional head count or fixed cost, so provide great flexibility.

marketing consultancy

How can a Marketing Consultant help my business?

The fact that you’ve got this far into researching marketing consultancy means that you’ve made the critical first step on the journey to growing your business, and that is the realisation that you need to invest more in promoting your business to new prospective customers and having a plan to retain your loyal customers. A marketing consultant, such as Trend Marketing, can really get under the skin of your business and offer a fresh pair to eyes to optimise your marketing and other areas of your business. A good consultant will not only spot new opportunities, but also offer practical advice to improve even further on the areas you’re already excelling at, all while sticking to the underlying values and truths of your brand.

Why should i choose Trend Marketing?

Trend Marketing is owned by an experienced and qualified marketing professional, with over 10 years of marketing experience at management level in both agency and client roles, including running the marketing department for the UK branch of a global automotive manufacturer. Qualified to degree level and with a professional certificate in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Trend Marketing consultancy will deliver an industry recognised and approved approach to marketing, based on real world experience, to provide you with creative and practical solutions to improve your marketing and achieve your business goals.

How does Marketing Consultancy work?

We take a no-nonsense approach to our marketing consultancy appointments, every session will vary depending on your requirements and the point in the business relationship, but as a general rule you can expect the following basic steps in the first marketing consultancy appointment with Trend Marketing:

  1. Introduce your business – the more you can tell us the better, where and when did it start? What are your visions and goals? Where do you operate? Who are you customers, suppliers, partners, staff? What is unique about your business?
  2. Audit of the current situation – how has your business performed historically and now? What are the challenges you face? Why are you seeking marketing support now? A quick SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis is a great tool to start digging in a bit deeper here. Depending on what we uncover here and how long the appointment is, we might need to take a bit more time to give this the proper attention.
  3. Simple objectives and strategy development – we will work with you to set some short term quick wins and some longer term goals that you can really use to underpin your marketing activities going forward, this is an essential step so that all stakeholders have a clear understanding on what you are looking to achieve.
  4. Tactical marketing plan – when you’ve got some clear objectives to aim for, it’s time to put a plan in place to identify exactly what actions your business needs to take to achieve the results you want. A plan like this should be referred to on a daily basis with actions allocated to specific people and with in a clearly defined timeline.
  5. Measuring results – it’s critical that you set some key performance indicators (KPIs) so that you can regularly measure how you are performing against your plan, we will help you to do this by diarising key milestones and checking the results of your actions and the all important return on the investment that you made.
  6. Review and refine – when the results are in, it’s important not to forget this crucial last stage in the cycle to review what’s working and what’s not and to optimise your approach to ensure even better success for the future.

If you’re interested in marketing consultancy appointment with us, then we’d love to hear from you via the Contact Us page.

To find about marketing consultancy training for your business check out the Oxford College website.