The definition of Direct Marketing

If you’re looking for an efficient way to communicate directly with your customers and prospects, then direct marketing could be the advertising tool you are searching for. Direct marketing spans a wide range of communication methods such as SMS, email, post, telephone and many more, and offers a more targeted way to send your marketing communications compared to more traditional advertising. As the message is more targeted it can also be made to feel more personal, often by mail merging in the details of the recipient, such as name and address, but also by tailoring the message to the specific audience, e.g. an offer to customers of a certain demographic or in a defined geographical area.

direct marketing

Our Direct Marketing services

We can help you to reach out to your customers through a wide range of direct marketing activities, whether that’s to your own database or sourcing third party marketing lists. Once we’ve worked with you to define you direct marketing goals, we can assist you or work independently to create content for an SMS, email, letter, website, flyer, telephone script and much more. Whether you choose to use our copywriting and design services or supply your own content, we can work on setting up the communication and scheduling it to go at the optimum time to deliver the best results for your business, we will also ensure that your direct marketing campaign is fully trackable and measurable by using campaign codes. After the campaign has been sent we offer a full reporting service to look at how each campaign activity performed and how the results stack up against your objectives, if necessary we can also advise on further action or follow-up to the communications sent.

Our quick guide to successful Direct Marketing

  1. Define your objectives – be clear about what you want to achieve from the direct marketing activity
  2. Target your audience carefully – make sure your SMS, email, letter or other communication isn’t wasted, take time to define the recipients carefully
  3. Make it personal – once you have a tightly controlled mailing list, try to personalise the communication so that the recipient feels you are talking directly to them
  4. Incentivise the call to action – tell the recipient how to follow the communication up and if possible give them some incentive or urgency to do so
  5. Measure the results – make sure you spend some time reflecting on the campaign and whether it surpassed your desired goals.

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If you’re still unsure what it’s all about then here’s another definition from Marketing Schools.