Project Description

We had the pleasure of meeting up with Anna Berry for a consultancy session. Anna is an artist and a photographer and an important part of her business portfolio is commercial portraiture or business portrait photography. Anna had recently invested in a new website and wanted to boost the number of online enquiries she receives. We helped make some subtle updates to Anna’s website to improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), these included optimisation of images, increasing text content, changes to the technical structure, increasing backlinks, focusing on keywords and lots more. Overall we improved the SEO score for Anna’s website from 52/100 to an impressive 90/100 points.

Anna Berry, Owner of Anna Berry Corporate Portraiture:

“I met Rob for a marketing consultation and it was clear he really knows his stuff. His advice was useful and succinct. We talked a lot about SEO, which is an area he obviously has extensive knowledge about and practical experience of. I would definitely recommend him.”